HubSpot on Inbound Marketing: “Changing Marketing Forever”

30 Apr, 2013

HubSpot on Inbound Marketing: “Changing Marketing Forever”

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Inbound marketing is gaining traction! This slideshow is for businesses and marketing people who might not know about inbound marketing yet, or who want a quick reference for the benefits of it over outbound. Traditional ideas about marketing and PR have been, HubSpot says, DISRUPTED forever. Instead of pushing a brand on to customers through outbound marketing, inbound marketing draws customers in.Social media, blogging, and content creation are at the center of the new strategies.

With consumers becoming ever more jaded to traditional marketing, new strategies are called for. This slideshow details the the studies HubSpot have done on the benefits of inbound marketing. Lots of marketers and businesses are changing their strategies to reflect these trends. Being on the cutting edge of marketing is key to the success of your business. With new social media networks and market analysis tools popping up all the time, it’s crucial to stay informed through slideshows like this.

Here are some of the exciting facts from the slides– go check the whole thing out!

  • Inbound marketing is gaining traction. 58% of marketers practice inbound marketing.
  • Inbound costs less than outbound. 2x as many marketers say inbound delivers a below-average cost-per-lead vs. outbound methods.
  • 100% more website conversions result from inbound marketing vs. outbound tactics.

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