What a week that was.

20 Apr, 2012

What a week that was.

It was at least three years ago when I moved from Sydney, Australia to Dublin.

Upon arrival, I found it hard to find work as a freelance Art Director. At the time Ireland had just gone into recession and businesses were holding back on hiring.

How I wished that there was a way that I could be introduced to the many people out there who needed quality design for things like websites, branding, advertising. Being a sole trader I could do things faster, cheaper and better.

At the same time, our friend Berni had just moved into a house she had purchased. At the house warming she was walking about how she planned on getting the place painted, the carpets replaced and the wiring fixed. She told us how she just didn’t have the time to ring around for prices, or to be waiting at home for businesses to turn up (if they did at all) to quote on the jobs.

These problems was the sex that concieved Quotefish.com

Like a double edged sword stuck between consumers and businesses, the hassle of researching businesses and ringing around for quotes meant that consumers would often miss out on the best deal, or worse, have to put up with bad businessmen and shoddy workmanship.

Also, like me, there are a lot of small businesses out there who have no way of ever knowing when someone needs their services. We miss out on work because we don’t want to or can’t afford to advertise in local publications (that achieve poor results anyway by placing you amongst your competitors). They say word of mouth is the best advertising, but you need to be working before people start talking about you.

The solution was simple, and already proven by websites like MyHammer and Serviceseeking.com.au that have all seen amazing growth (both at around 400% per annum).

But unlike these competitors, Quotefish.com doesn’t focus purely on building or industrial trades. Instead, we focus on businesses that everyday people need, like home and window cleaning, catering, website design and coding, graphic artists, florists, couriers, accountants, djs and mechanics….

So Quotefish’s purpose is to connect local businesses with qualified leads.

It uses location APIs to make sure that consumers are only matched to local businesses. It is free to join, free to post jobs, and free to receive job emails. Quotefish.com only charges a very small amount to a business if they want to quote on a job and receive the customer’s contact details, and that amount is based on the customer’s budget.

In return, not only do we introduce you to the qualified lead, we allow you to rate each other, and in time provide you with detailed reports on local markets. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have a number of features in the pipeline that will add great value to the way you do business.

So, born for a real world problem, Quotefish will provide solutions to both consumers and businesses very soon.

So, just this week we started working on the prototype. Within a matter of months we’ll be launching our beta with free credits for businesses, so you can test us out and let us know what you think. It’s an exciting time ahead.

Make sure you sign up today at http://www.quotefish.com/broken and be there when we launch. Won’t it be great to brag to your friends in a few years time by saying you were there when quote fish launched.


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