Twitter Advertising Tips

22 May, 2013

Twitter Advertising Tips

Although the post starts off by reminding readers that Twitter success will depend on the kind of business doing the Tweeting, Twitter has done a really good post on the format and content of highly promoted Tweets. The features of Tweets, as opposed to keywords or industry-specific content, are key here. They focus on “action-oriented campaigns.” These are Twitter marketing campaigns that ask the followers for an action; basically, you get them to do something besides passively read your Tweet. This encourages engagement and a memory of the Tweet, instead of it just being another 140-character blip on the feed radar.

The first strategy, to put a download link into the Tweet, is a good one. I can see the thinking behind it. Unfortunately, it’s a tricky one to incorporate into some businesses. Unless you have an app, document, or code that needs to be downloaded, this could end up feeling gratuitous. So use this carefully; make sure you’re offering something that people will really want to download and use. When you’ve got the product, then keep the Tweet itself clean: just the context and the link, no @’s or #’s. That blue link needs to stand out and draw the cursor (or finger on a touchscreen) to it.

The other three hints are to ask for a retweet, a follow, or a reply respectively. You have to offer some kind of incentive– retweet to be entered in a contest, follow to receive a special offer code, reply to a question and maybe win something if you’re the first person to reply. Like the download link strategy, these ask for an action from the followers. They encourage interaction and start a relationship between the business and the followers.

Remember, Twitter is about conversation. Reserve the calls to action above for your most action-oriented campaigns.

Twitter shouldn’t be a platform for relentless advertising. Use it to talk to your customers and engage with them on a personal level. When you’ve proved you can do that, then use the above strategies to generate action in your campaigns.

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