How to Make a Renovation Checklist

8 Apr, 2014

How to Make a Renovation Checklist

Home renovations are a fun and rewarding experience, adding value to your home, but can quickly become stressful if you don’t prepare.
That’s why a renovation checklist ensures you’ve considered all the important elements before starting your project.

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So what should you include on your pre-renovation checklist?


  • Budget

Plan a budget that won’t leave holes in your pockets and your walls. Consider all the necessary costs (tools, materials, tradies), as well as extra costs like breakages and emergency finances. It’s also a good idea to track your budget throughout the renovation. If you watch a lot of home renovation shows like we do, you’ll notice that budgets always go over by about 150%, so if your budget is €1,000, try and have €1,500 available.


  • Fittings and Materials

Research the right fittings and materials and know where to buy them. Organise storage of items and delivery so that you’re ready from day one. Online retailers often have the best deals, but make sure that you check them first before buying them with your electrician or plumber, because if you’re buying them from overseas, they may not be suitable.


  • Tradespeople

Write a list of all the kinds of tradespeople you’ll need. Get quotes by posting jobs on and meet them, brief them and make sure they understand what you are trying to achieve. Ensure that all your tradesmen are fully licensed and qualified.


  • Design and Planning

Hire a necessary design professional (interior designer, architect, builder) and meet with them to discuss any plans and modifications, as well as to make detailed plans for the entire renovation.

If you’re doing it yourself, ensure you have a clear plan of what you want done and what you will need to do it.


  • Council Requirements

Get in touch with the council and find out about any required permissions. Gather necessary documentation and pay any required fees. Ensure the paperwork is properly submitted and get your permits before starting the project – allow up to 8 weeks for this process to be completed.

And most importantly, have fun! There’s a good chance it will be hectic, messy, painful, exciting, expensive and hard work, but the results will make it all worthwhile. Happy renovating!



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