Focus Your Startup with the Lean Method

15 May, 2013

Focus Your Startup with the Lean Method

lean method feedback loop

The Lean methodology for startups, as pioneered by Eric Ries, has gained a worldwide following among entrepreneurs. According to Ries’ website, it is about “putting a process, a methodology around the development of a product.” The Lean method centers a feedback loop of build-measure-learn, which guides a startup through focusing its product and business plan to best suit the desires of the market and therefore succeed.

The Redwood Workshops DIY Kit introduces you or your team to proven methods used by the most successful Lean Startups to ideate, make rapid-decisions, and ensure your product remains Customer + Revenue focused.

Lean Startup kits like the one in the story guide entrepreneurs through the Lean process so that their startup can occupy and thrive in a valuable market space.

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