Infographic: Evolving SEO tactics – longer posts, Google+ and the tilde

30 Apr, 2013

Infographic: Evolving SEO tactics – longer posts, Google+ and the tilde

Getting people to read your blog can be tricky; they’re not always standing over your shoulder!

This is an infographic about current SEO thinking with tips and tools to help sites rank better on search engines.

SEO is a popular concept these days. As it should be; it determines whether or not people doing a bit of poking around the internet will find your business. There are a lot of theories and strategies for how to get the best SEO for your website or blog. The infographic at the link has some great facts and strategies for maximising your SEO. Some of them seem almost counter-intuitive– did you realize that longer posts (between 300 and 2,000 words) actually do better than shorter ones? I guess the longer post draws a reader in, giving the impression of having an in-depth view of something, rather than a quick overview.

The infographic (we web startups do love our infographics, don’t we?) has a lot more information about the hows and whys of SEO success. The basic rules for blog success are the same: put out quality, relevant content on a regular basis. Be unique but connected within your field. Network and link. Interact with your readers through social media and don’t just treat them like customers. But the article adds stuff about Google+ and Google Tilde, two very useful tools if used right, as well as keyword density and title format.

SEO can be conquered and used to your advantage; don’t get lost in the search result sea!

Quotefish‘s insight:

Really good tips on getting your website and blog noticed by google (and people).

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