5 Ways to Be Optimistic in Sales (Or Anything Else)

30 Apr, 2013

5 Ways to Be Optimistic in Sales (Or Anything Else)

Staying positive often has a positive affect on your sales. No one wants to buy anything from someone who sounds miserable and negative. But how do you stay optimistic in the face of rejection and difficulties? It’s all down to silencing your inner critic and moving past problems. The main trick, according to S. Anthony Iannarino, is to avoid attaching negative meaning to bad things that happen. Losing one sale doesn’t mean you’ll lose the next one, so move on and don’t carry the loss with you to the next call.

I have written before about self-discipline and optimism, because I believe they are so critical to success in sales–and everything else. But I have always hated reading books and articles where t…

Optimism is a mindset that can be cultivated, so make sure you take Iannarino’s advice on board and take a positive attitude into your potential sales.

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