Content Marketing and Why You Should Invest in It

15 May, 2013

Content Marketing and Why You Should Invest in It

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Content marketing is marketing aimed at grabbing the interest of today’s web-savvy, information-overloaded consumer. The idea is that, instead of the usual hard-sell advertising that just relentlessly pitches the product, content marketing is informational, relevant, and valuable to the consumer. It makes the audience more informed and better able to make decisions about their buying power, which has been shown to increase customer loyalty. Content marketing tells a story about the company and engages the consumer on a personal level, instead of treating them as a market to be exploited. Read the story at Social Media Today to see an excellent infographic about the benefits off increasing your business’s use of content marketing.

Traditional advertising just doesn’t have the same impact today as it used to. Consumers are bombarded with advertising from television, billboards, web pop-ups, and print media, and they are increasingly informed and cynical towards advertising strategies. By switching to a more content marketing-focused strategy, businesses can save money on traditional (more expensive!) advertising methods and increase customer satisfaction.


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