Your Business – 5 Stories You Should Be Happy To Share.

25 Jun, 2013

Your Business – 5 Stories You Should Be Happy To Share.

The art of story telling for business

The best stories are the ones told with passion. When the story is factual and relevant,  it is so much easier for the listener to engage and connect. The story of your business is not only important for you to know (and be able to tell), but it’s also incredibly relevant to your staff, customers and prospects. Here are 5 stories that you should be able to tell.

1. The Why Your Business Exists Story.

Is your business like your wife, husband or lover? If not, it should be. You should be able to talk about the first time you met, when you first kissed and what you love about him or her.

Translating what would be a conversation about a loved one into a story about your business is the easiest way to communicate what your business means to you. Let’s start with how you met. For Quotefish, it goes like this.

Back in 2007, I met my beautiful Irish wife and in 2009 we were married at Wylie’s Baths on Coogee Beach overlooking Wedding Cake Island. It was a wonderful day. Two years later my wife decided she missed her family and wanted to move back to Ireland, so we packed our bags, waved ‘goodbye’ to our friends (and my family) and flew for 24 hours across the world.

We arrived as Ireland was in the midst or a recession. The banks had stuffed everything up, and the people were paying the price. As a result, I found it really hard to get a job, only finding irregular contract work. Oh, how I wished there was a way for me to be able to reach people who needed what I do best – graphic design. I mean, people still get married, start businesses and build websites no matter what the economic climate is.

So, I started to look at solutions in Europe and across the pond, and found there was nothing really helpful for small businesses and sole traders in general when it came to getting customers. I then began to take all the best and worst ideas of what existed out there and remoulded them into something that could not only be useful for my business, but for every business that could do with more customers, no matter what field they are in. Hence, the idea for Quotefish was born.

2. The Future Of Your Business Story.

The most captivating stories can be about the future of your business (and as such, yourself). People love to hear about success, whether it’s in the past or the future, it doesn’t really matter, and as the story teller for your business, it’s up to you to express where you want your business to go, and how you plan on getting there.

This story will inspire your staff, your clients and even your bank, investors and mentors. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have no hold over what could happen in the future, because unlike a financial forecast (which is just a big guess), the future of your business is in your hands.

So, what does the future hold for Quotefish? Well, we want to provide the opportunity for every new, small or struggling business to find new customers without having to spend lots of money on marketing and advertising. We think all businesses should have the same opportunity to know when someone wants their products or services, while giving them the means to connect with the customer personally and make the sale.

So although we’re starting out small (launching in Dublin), we have plans to offer our services worldwide.

3. Lightbulb! The ‘Realising That Your Business Might Need A Little Change’ Story.

You’re not running your business right if you haven’t made a few mistakes along the way, and it’s the mistakes where a lesson was learned that make really good stories. Perhaps you didn’t claim certain things at tax time and missed out on a bigger refund, or it could be that your customers mainly needed only one service out of many that you offered, so you ‘pivoted’ and specialised in just that, becoming an expert at it. Think back to how your business has been growing and changing throughout it’s life, I’m sure you’ll discover many stories worth sharing.

Quotefish had a major lightbulb moment early on in the development process when a mentor asked us why we were focusing just on Ireland and not globally. Ironically, it took someone else to make us see the bigger picture. Lightbulb!

4. The Story Of Your Customers.

Sometimes, your business does something wonderful for someone. Even simple things like constantly delivering on time, returning that phone call promptly or taking some extra time to listen to your customers can mean a lot to them. Then there are the great stories where you may have saved a marriage by repairing a wedding dress the day before the wedding, or saving thousands of euros in damage by fixing a leak quickly.

These stories can become the testimonials for your business, allowing your customers to tell great stories about your business.

At the time of writing this, Quotefish is yet to launch, but we can share many stories of how when we discussed the idea with people, what they thought of the idea. So many had stories of how they could use Quotefish for past and present issues. For example, one person we spoke to could use Quotefish to find a tree surgeon to remove a dying tree in her front yard. Another (who is a friend of ours) could have used Quotefish for a number of services like cleaners, electricians, plumbers, painters, tilers and removalists when she moved house. Almost everyone we’ve spoken to thought Quotefish would be useful, whether they were a business or a consumer.

5. Your Story.

You wouldn’t have your business without you. You get up every morning (or evening if you work nights) and go to work. Why? Hopefully it’s because you love your job first, and to pay the bills second. It’s that love for what you do that will drive your business to success.

Graphic artists love to design and find creative solutions to problems. Handymen and tradespeople love to work with their hands and build beautiful things. Photographers love to create beautiful memories. I strive every day to build a beautiful, functional application that helps people just like me become masters of their own destiny. What’s your story?


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