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  • Advertising and Marketing, Education and Tutoring
  • Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • Architecture, Furniture Repair, Storage and Moving, Gifts, Home Decoration
  • 37 Seapoint, Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow
  • Posted 3 months ago
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Wicklow Town, Ireland
  • Posted 4 months ago

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 I’ve used Placemarket six times now for everything from getting my fireplace cleaned to a cake for my daughter’s birthday. It’s saved me time and money and I’m contacted by people who want the work and do a good job. It really is a great way to support local businesses.
Nicola Kennedy
Dublin, Ireland
I really like the idea of receiving work alerts from people who need my services. Without Placemarket, there’s no way I would ever know they were out there. So far, Placemarket has delivered more work than advertising in the local papers ever did. I highly recommend it.
John Boreham
Electrician, Wicklow

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